The Production Process

Dec 9th


The Production Process

The video production process may feel like a great mystery. If you have ever watched the credits of a movie you are probably asking, “What in the world do all those people do?” A Hollywood blockbuster tends to have a bit more complexity involved then the average video project, but they still follow the same basic process. Here are the four main steps involved:

Step 1: Preproduction

This is the “idea” stage, the place where the concept for the video is born and developed into an executable plan. The big questions of knowing what you want to say, knowing who you want to say it to, and how you are going to get the message to them need to be answered.

  • Generally, an outline or script for the video is created.
  • Logistical details for filming are ironed out. (Such as: who or what will be on camera and where the filming will take place.)
  • A plan for delivering the video to your intended audience is created.
  • And arrangements with the video production company are finalized.

Be sure to build in time for you and the production company to go back and forth with ideas as you refine the concept. It is also a good idea to run things by your legal department so there are no roadblocks that could pop up later on in production.

Once the plan is in place it is time to move on to:

Step 2: Production

During this stage, all video elements required by the script will be filmed. These typically include:

  • Filming interviews with employees, customers and/or scenes with actors.
  • Filming additional “B-roll” footage of the your facility, products, or events.
  • Any narration that is needed is also recorded.

Step 3: Post Production

All the visual and audio elements are edited together during this stage. Here are the steps in post production:

  • Graphics and animation are created
  • A rough cut is edited together with music. (This is the first time the client will get a chance to review how the video is coming together.)
  • Any revisions that the client asks for are incorporated into the final edit.
  • A finishing pass of the video is completed, including a final audio design pass and a color grading pass to balance out colors and set the overall mood.

Step 4: Distribution

The completed video will be rendered and delivered to you for final distribution. That can mean posting the video to your website and social media channels, including a web link to the video in an email newsletter, or delivering the video to broadcast television stations. With that, the production process is complete.