Media Kiln About Us

Crafting the narrative of your business
Our drive to engage the imagination and bring stories to life.

At Media Kiln, we are storytellers, through and through. We revel in the opportunity to explore and learn about you and your audiences. With that knowledge, we work together to develop a story line and deliver a message that resonates and achieves business goals.

Storytelling through video is a proven, effective method of persuasive communication. It expresses your ideas in understandable, entertaining, and most importantly, authentic ways. In cinematography terms, we call it “crafting the narrative of your business.”

Our philosophy of video production includes working alongside you and your company:

  • To develop and refine a concept.
  • To examine your audience and tailor content to engage them.
  • To find the unique, creative angle and drive the message home.
  • To craft the project with creative and cost-effective techniques, staying within your budget.
  • To help you navigate the entire production process.
  • To deliver memorable videos that communicate clearly and concisely.

We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey!

Why Media Kiln?

As founder, Peter Wagner has always loved the imagery of a potter firing his clay creations in a kiln. As a skilled artisan, the potter crafts the clay with great care. Yet the piece is not complete until he applies the proper glazing and then fires his creation in a blazing furnace. Only after it comes out of the kiln will its true beauty and usefulness be revealed.

We treat the video production process in a similar way at Media Kiln. At each step along the path, skilled artists refine the project, honing the final experience. There are many elements that comprise the making of a video: screenwriting, cinematography, visual effects, and sound design, to name a few. Blending them all together into a seamless, captivating, and informative piece is where we excel. This process fuels our energy and passion to deliver our best work for you.

Peter Wagner

Creative Producer and Cinematographer