Getting Started with Video

Adding video to your messaging campaign
A quick guide

First Steps

An effective media campaign begins with proper planning and clear objectives. Here are a couple good questions to start with:

What is the core message I am trying to convey?
Who is the intended viewer and how much do they know about the topic?
How will you get that message to them?
What action or response are you hoping to elicit from the viewer after they have watched the video?

Without clear answers to these questions, the video will lose effectiveness and fail to make the impact you desire.

Production Process

Once you have worked through those initial questions, it is time to begin. Each video is unique and follows a journey through the production process. Understanding the flow of how a video is made is helpful as you develop the concept, set a timetable for benchmarks on the project, and developing clear expectations for each step in the process.

We have written another article which goes into the detail regarding the steps involved.  Be sure click here to learn more about that process:

Jump start with some tips

As you develop your idea, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind. Here you can learn about those hints as you get started with the “Big Idea” of your video:

 Choosing a video production company

While enlisting the help of that tech savvy intern to film and edit your video sounds appealing, there can be a few gotcha’s to using this approach.  Your image and brand are on the line. Video professionals have experience dealing with issues or challenges that can arise, and they will deliver consistent results.

Who you choose to partner with to produce your video is critical to the success of your project. As the production process involves investments in time, resources and money, be sure to find someone that listens carefully to your needs and communicates clearly.  You should have confidence they will complete the task on time and deliver a professional product which reflects the values of your brand.