Media Kiln Services

Media Kiln provides creative video production services to deliver your message through imaginative, innovative ways.


This is one of our favorite aspects and arguably the most important step in the process. Storytellers at heart, our unique approach is to craft compelling storylines with engaging characters to bring your message home. So whether through comedy or drama, the adventure and cinematic flair of our productions will engage your audience. We are so passionate with this that in our spare time we continue to develop and create our own original projects.


Sculpting the concepts and ideas into a tangible form is where the process becomes exciting. We look for the creative angle, shaping the performance of the characters and molding the light and shadows with the lens to craft memorable cinematic experiences.


Bringing ideas to life through animation delivers your message in new and interesting ways. We can help you craft intriguing characters and develop the concepts to tell your unique story. One specialty we provide is clay animation, just one more way that you can stand out from the crowd.

Map Illustration

When you are looking to craft stylized or historic maps, we can help. The maps help guide the viewer through the story, illustrating key concepts. We add the finishing touch by flying a camera around the map and integrating animated elements.

Post Production

All areas in the development of a project are tightly integrated. Our expertise with visual effects lets us design elements of your project to enhance the production value of your project while at the same time keeping costs down. We bring it all together at the end with the creative edit to fine tune your message for the greatest impact.

Discover the creative edge that Media Kiln delivers. Join in the journey!