Video Production

We offer full video production services for our clients. Sculpting the concepts and ideas into a tangible form is where the process becomes exciting. We look for the creative angle, shaping the performance of the characters and molding the light and shadows with the lens to craft memorable cinematic experiences.


Bringing ideas to life through animation delivers your message in new and interesting ways. We can help you craft intriguing characters and develop the concepts to tell your unique story. One specialty we provide is clay animation, just one more way that you can stand out from the crowd. Discover what we can do for you!

Online Training

Media Kiln can create an online video training program for your organization. This can include producing the video segments of your course all the way through fully hosted Learning Management Systems. Contact us to schedule a consultation!

Who We Are. What We Do

Media Kiln is the brainchild of Peter Wagner. He is a filmmaker, cinematographer and animator with a passion for telling a story.

“I like to find ways to shift the perspective to give the viewer a fresh look at my client’s products, services or message. It’s providing a new context to see how my client’s product will impact their customer’s lives. I call it Worldbuilding your Brand.

Peter Wagner

Clients We Are Privileged To Work With