Media Kiln can create an online video training program for your organization. This can include producing the video segments of your course all the way through fully hosted Learning Management Systems. We also provide upkeep and maintenance plans so you can remain focused on what you do best, serving your customers. Change happens frequently in the fast paced business environment. Our service plans can help you stay up to date with your content. So your students get the latest information, policies and procedures.

These training programs include:

  • Employee Orientation
  • Training and Certification for your Employees, Customers or Partners
  • Educational Curriculum for Students

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Angie My Cleaner

Category: New Employee Training

Media Kiln developed and produced an eleven module training course for Angie My Cleaner. The course walks a new employee through the whole process of cleaning a home. The training included video lessons followed by quizzes and essay questions. 

A big part of this project was to keep the content fun and engaging, so we added a cartoon character that leads the new employee through the training. And yes, it is Dusty the Bunny!

MN Eye Consultants

Category: Patient Education

Media Kiln produced over 50 educational and biographical videos for Minnesota Eye Consultants, a nationally renowned eye care facility and surgery center. 

The videos educate patients about various eye conditions and possible options the patient has for recovery. The videos were integrated into their website. We also produced a biographical video on each of the twelve primary physicians. 


Category: Consumer Education

Media Kiln developed and produced a series of educational videos to promote better nutrition. These included short and graphically enhanced videos to explain key concepts as well as in depth discussions with doctors in a variety of fields 

Code Red

Category: Corporate Communication

A software company was challenged to reign in some of their sales people. The company became locked in litigation with multiple customers over promises the sales team were making about their software. So we tried a creative approach to solve the problem.

We created an animated series loosely based on the TV show Cops to address the issue. The series got the whole company talking about the issue in a productive and fun way. That is the way to solve a problem!


Category: Educational Curriculum
Wonderfy is an online animation training course developed by our very own Peter Wagner. (We told you we were passionate about our craft!) The stop motion animation course is designed for 10 to 14 year old students who want to learn the ins and outs of the stop motion animation process.
Media Kiln developed and produced the entire animation course. Check it out! 


Category: Educational Curriculum

Media Kiln produced and directed 25 animated short films for Augsburg Fortress Publishing. The Connect project is a curriculum for 5th grade Sunday school program. 

The project also included producing an additional 60 videos to aid teachers as they present the materials and create the crafts that are part of each lesson.